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With subscription-based streaming services getting costlier day by day, the options for watching cartoons have dwindled down to almost nothing. At this point, free streaming websites are the only outlets remaining.

Which, as it turns out, is not that bad either. You access local libraries and on-demand titles without paying hefty subscription fees. The only problem? They are not ad-free.

In this regard, we did our research and have come up with the 10 best platforms to watch anime for free.

FYI: As they are free, expect to deal with periodic shutdowns and commercial ads to watch cartoons for free. You can also check out our article on the best free anime apps if you are interested in watching anime on your phone, firestick, or PlayStation.

Now, Let’s get started.

What's Inside show

Free Anime and Cartoon Streaming Sites

1. Watch Cartoon Online

10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites In 2023 - Anime Informer (1)

Watch cartoon online is one such free cartoon streaming website where there would barely be any cartoons that you would not stumble upon. The website also provides a user-friendly interface.

You can therefore easily reach out to the right sidebar which lists out all the new releases from time to time. Additionally, it offers a broad division between movies and series which makes browsing easier.

You can also browse according to genres such as action, adventure, animation, kids, comedy, horror, crime, sci-fi, etc.

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What sets Watchcartoononline aside from similar websites is that they hear people out; if you request a particular show, they will upload it for you in time. However, due to copyright issues, the website tends to remain down once in a while.

Hence, you might have to look at other websites in the meanwhile. With picture qualities starting from 480p to full HD to select from, Watch cartoon online is indeed one of the best free cartoon streaming sites you could use in 2023.


  • 100% free
  • Offline streaming
  • Fewer Ads


  • Illegal in some countries

2. Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime is completely dedicated to anime lovers only. This free media streaming website offers thousands of animes with exceptional video qualities, ranging from 240p to 1080p.

You can easily get your hands on any anime to watch with English subtitles. If you are lucky, you might even come across non-English cartoons dubbed in English.

KissAnime has a very organized and user-friendly interface where content are neatly categorized as per their genres. They are even further micro-categorized into ‘upcoming anime’, ‘ongoing anime’, and ‘popular’ sections.

KissAnime sources its content from various online sources, both legal and illegal, and therefore has received the brunt of copyright infringement.

Nonetheless, KissAnime comes up with a new domain to cater to its fans and users every time it is forced to shut down. Also, if you are an avid reader of Manga, this website will prove to be a delightful haven as it has a section dedicated to reading Manga only.


  • HQ video playback
  • Huge library
  • Offline streaming


  • Contains pirated contents

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3. Go Go Anime

10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites In 2023 - Anime Informer (3)

If you are a fan of KissAnime and have been looking for other options because of its frequent technical issues, Go Go Anime would be another option to watch anime online for free.

Go Go Anime is a free global website, meaning anyone across the globe can access it. Browsing through Go Go Anime is fairly easy because the website has clearly divided its content into English Subbed content and English Dubbed content categories. It updates its show list daily and offers simulcast, so you don’t miss out on any moments of your favorite show.

The home page clearly displays new releases every time you visit the website. Although most of the content in this website is free to watch, you may have to subscribe its premium service to access some selected exclusive cartoons.

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Go Go Anime also has an android app that runs quite smoothly on all android devices.


  • Offline Streaming
  • Mostly Free Content
  • Ad Free
  • Legal; Requires No VPN


  • Paid premium content

4. AnimeLab

10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites In 2023 - Anime Informer (4)

AnimeLab is an online media streaming website that provides both free and paid services. Under the free plan, you can browse through thousands of anime in bi-lingual (English and Japanese) subs and dubs in up to 480p video quality.

However, if you want a better quality video playback to watch anime without ads, avail of its premium subscription pack at $7.99 per month. You can watch all cartoons for free in HD. You also won’t have to sit through random pre-roll ads that pop up in the free pack.

Another difference between free and paid plans is that you find new releases a week later in the free plan whereas a paid plan offers instant access. AnimeLab is home to new as well as classic hits.

However, the only downside is that it currently serves the regions of Australia and New Zealand only. If you are native to these regions, you have to opt for a secured VPN.


  • Bilingual content
  • Only pre-roll ads
  • Rare contents available


  • Geo-blocking applicable

5. CartoonsOn!

10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites In 2023 - Anime Informer (5)

CartoonsOn is another free cartoon streaming website where you can watch any cartoon or anime without any signup or registration. You can even watch all Disney cartoons for free without having to download them from unsafe websites.

CartoonsOn constantly keeps on updating its wide range of animated movies and shows with new titles every week. It also provides video playback in multiple formats and can even auto-adjust streaming quality according to your internet speed.

It has other helpful features like ‘offline downloads’, ‘watch where you left’, and auto-suggestions based on your watch habit. You can filter content based on characters, and genres which makes browsing even easier.

It however hosts many illegally sourced content and therefore might be at the risk of getting pulled off anytime. But surely, it would keep entertaining its users through multiple mirror websites, if ever pulled off.


  • HQ Free Content
  • No Registration Required
  • Diverse Collection
  • Well Organised Library


  • Unethically sourced content

6. Crunchyroll

10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites In 2023 - Anime Informer (6)
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Crunchyroll is one of the most popular free anime streaming sites. It offers a wide selection of anime shows and movies, including many fan-favorite series. Some of the popular shows available on Crunchyroll include “Naruto Shippuden,” “One Piece,” and “Attack on Titan.”

In addition to popular series, Crunchyroll also offers simulcasts. This means that new episodes of popular shows are added to the site soon after they air in Japan. This is a great feature for fans of anime who want to stay up-to-date on the latest releases.

One of the drawbacks of Crunchyroll is that it does include some ads. However, the site offers a premium subscription option that allows users to watch ad-free. The premium subscription also includes access to additional content and features, such as offline viewing and exclusive discounts.

Overall, Crunchyroll is a great free anime streaming site for fans of the genre. With its wide selection of shows and simulcasts of popular series, it’s a great option for anyone looking to watch anime online.


  • Supports HD Streaming
  • Manga and Apparel Store
  • Multiple Simulcast shows


  • No offline streaming

7. Disney Junior

10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites In 2023 - Anime Informer (7)

If you are here because of your children, stream Disney Junior. Disney Junior is intended for children of age groups between two to seven. Most of the cartoons are free to watch but may require you to sign up for one time.

Disney not only caters to your children’s entertainment but also to their pre-school learning elements. There are shows to offer fun activities in the form of art and craft for your children. And, there are shows for you as well to learn parent-led activities to keep your toddlers engaged.

The UI is quite simple on this platform so that even small kids can find their way to their favorite shows. Disney Junior is perhaps the only streaming site on this list that actually encourages children to spend some time offline and get up from the computer once in a while.

With all these features and no price to it, Disney Junior easily becomes one of the best free cartoon streaming sites for the family.


  • 100% Free
  • Great Learning Opportunities
  • Expansive Library


  • Inaccessible in many countries

8. 9Anime

10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites In 2023 - Anime Informer (8)

9Anime can be your savior when KissAnime goes down momentarily to come up with a new domain. It is similar to KissAnime and mimics all its features in a smart way.

9Anime has more than 25,000 cartoons for you to choose from. Even if you can’t find what you were looking for, you can request them for the title and they are popular to accept such requests in no time.

(Video) Anime [amv]- Toca Toca | Official Music Video (full version)

Most of the shows marked as SD on 9Anime can be viewed in full 1080p HD. So, before you ignore a link, open and check it for yourself.

It hosts content through multiple high-speed servers that ensure users a seamless streaming experience. Although the website is free from malware, the ads on it might be not.

The pop-ups sometimes contain adult links or malware sites hyperlinked. So it is best for you to use an ad-blocker to stay safe.


  • 100% Free
  • Streams Offline
  • Playbacks in HD


  • Frequent Ads

9. Funimation

10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites In 2023 - Anime Informer (9)

Funimation is the only streaming website in our list completely dedicated to dubbed anime. Popular series like Dragon Ball, Attack on Titan, One Piece, and My Hero Academia are available on Funimation dubbed in English.

It quickly dubs shows to English and uploads them to its platform as soon as they are released in Japan. Thus it is always highly sought-after by viewers from all over the world. Here all contents are ethically procured to keep you out of trouble.

Funimation has both free and premium plans. With a premium plan, you access new episodes instantly on the day of their release rather a week later in free mode. The free version may also test your patience with frequently appearing ads which again can be easily avoided with ad blockers.

Funimation stands out with a merch store with collectibles and other things along with DVD and Blu-ray options.


  • Huge Library
  • Fewer Ads
  • Dubbed contents


  • Geo-blocking restrictions applied

10. YouTube

10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites In 2023 - Anime Informer (10)

If you don’t want to waste your time discovering free cartoon streamers, you can always resort back to good old YouTube. There are thousands of channels on YouTube to watch cartoons and anime for free.

If you are unable to find what you’re looking for, YouTube probably has it under its “buy or rent” section. The plus point of YouTube is that you will come across many individual animators who have their own creations uploaded to the platform.

Since YouTube has strict guidelines against copyright infringement, you are unlikely to come across any pirated content. Additionally, most cartoon channels on YouTube stream their content in HQ or full HD with subtitles.

(Video) Top 10 Anime on Amazon Prime That Everybody Should Watch

Take its Premium plan and you can access YouTube’s exclusive Premium Anime cartoons ads-free. There will be options to download them for offline viewing as well!


  • HQ Video Playback
  • Offline Streaming
  • 100% Legal


  • Frequent Ads


Free options always have some downside, so keep a safe distance from them. To stay on the safe side, always use a VPN and ad blockers, irrespective of the choice you make. And, don’t forget to tell our readers if you know any other platform to watch cartoons for free. Cheers!


10 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites In 2023 - Anime Informer? ›

With over 1,000 titles — both current hits and classics — Crunchyroll boasts the largest anime streaming library on the internet.

Where can I stream anime for free? ›

14 BEST FREE Anime Websites To Watch Anime Online [2023 LIST]
  • Comparing Some Best Anime Streaming Sites.
  • #1) 9Anime.to.
  • #2) Amazon Anime.
  • #3) Crunchyroll.
  • #4) Funimation.
  • #5) Gogoanime.so.
  • #6) AnimeFreak.
  • #7) Chia-Anime.
Apr 30, 2023

What is the largest anime streaming site? ›

With over 1,000 titles — both current hits and classics — Crunchyroll boasts the largest anime streaming library on the internet.

Where can I watch anime for free without ads? ›

  • Funimation. Anyone in the US who watches anime is probably already familiar with Funimation. ...
  • 9Anime. Not all streaming services operate officially through anime studios. ...
  • Gogoanime.ai. ...
  • Chia-anime.su. ...
  • Animedao.to. ...
  • Animefreak.tv. ...
  • Animeheaven.pro. ...
  • CrunchyRoll.
Apr 6, 2023

What is the unblocked website to watch anime at school? ›

VRV is a great source to watch anime, I use it all the time. It is unblocked on my school computers, and it's free. You can even make an account and then use it on other devices which makes it easier to keep up with different shows and animies.

Where can I watch anime for free like KissAnime? ›

On This Page :
  • 9Anime.
  • 2. Anime-Planet.
  • AnimeFreak.
  • Chia-Anime.
  • Crunchyroll.
  • GoGoAnime.
  • AniWatcher.
  • AnimeLab.
Feb 13, 2023

Where can I watch anime for free and offline? ›

The Best 9 Anime Download Sites for You to Download Anime Free
  • Animeheaven. AnimeHeaven. ...
  • Chia-anime.tv. Animixplay (Shutdown) ...
  • Animeland - download dubbed anime. Animeland. ...
  • Chauthanh.info. Animekaizoku. ...
  • Kissanime. Kissanime.ru (Shutdown) ...
  • 9anime Download. 9anime.to. ...
  • GoGoAnime.io. Gogoanime. ...
  • GoGoAnime.io. Animepahe.
Mar 14, 2023

Is anime huge in Japan? ›

Anime is arguably one of the most well-known staples of Japanese culture. It's not just popular in Japan, either. The anime culture is so huge that it's been a well-documented and well-memed phenomenon all around the world since, well, forever.

Is anime big in the US? ›

This highlights the fact that anime is a major cultural force in the US, and that its popularity is only growing. The dubbed anime market share in the United States increased by 72% between 2018 and 2020. This statistic is a testament to the growing popularity of anime in the United States.

What city has the most anime? ›

Akihabara is considered by many to be the epicentre of modern Japanese otaku culture, and is a major shopping district for video games, anime, manga, electronics and computer-related goods.

Is 4 anime safe? ›

Neither 4anime[.]to nor other similar websites are legitimate, and should be avoided.

Is Animeflix legal? ›

Animeflix is not legal website but at this time animeflix is available in play store. Downloading or uploading content without owners appropriate permission is illegal. I recommend everyone not to use this type of site.

Is Geno anime safe? ›

Yes, Geno anime is safe and legit to watch anime. It is a great site for finding new and old anime series to watch. The site has a large selection of both dubbed and subbed versions of each show. They also have a wide variety of genres to choose from, so there is something for everyone on the site.

Is anime age restricted? ›

The age listed is the starting age the anime publisher thinks is the most appropriate. For example, ALL is for all ages, 16+ is for people 16 and older, 17+ is for adults, etc.

Is anime safe for 10 year olds? ›

The age rating of anime can range from kid-friendly to adult content, even pornographic in nature. Some types of anime aren't appropriate for kids because they have sexually explicit content while others include, mature themes that your child might not understand.

What anime websites skip openings? ›

Aniskip allows you to skip over anime openings and endings by adding a skip opening / ending button. The extension also auto skips if specified by the user. The skip times are crowdsourced and once someone submits a skip time, it will be available for everyone else who has the extension.

Why was KissAnime removed? ›

The owners of anime didn't take action at first but now they are like at war with the pirate websites. The servers the kissanime used for their websites were shut down or you can say all the data in the servers was deleted because the legal owners of the anime went to court and done that legally.

Is there an anime called free? ›

Free! is a Japanese anime television series produced by Kyoto Animation and Animation Do. The series is loosely based on the light novel, High Speed!

What happened to anime ru? ›

Its main site, KissAnime.ru, was shut down on August 14, 2020. One commentator noted that "fans are furious" as "in many countries they really have nowhere to go" for the kind of content that was hosted on the site.

How can I watch anime online legally? ›

Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Legally (2021)
  1. Crunchyroll.
  2. Funimation.
  3. Netflix.
  4. VRV.
  5. Hulu.
  6. RetroCrush.
  7. AnimeLab.
  8. HiDive.
Apr 7, 2021

What is the safest site to download anime? ›

10 Safe Websites to Watch and Download Anime with No Hassle
  1. Anime Twist (Down) Website: https://twist.moe/ ...
  2. AnimeKisa (Down) Website: https://animekisa.tv/ ...
  3. Animixplay. Website: https://animixplay.to/ ...
  4. 4Anime. Website: https://4anime.gg/ ...
  5. 9Anime. Website: https://9anime.to/ ...
  6. GoGoanime. ...
  7. AnimeVibe (Down) ...
  8. AnimeDao.
Mar 31, 2023

Is it safe to use KissAnime? ›

Additionally, KissAnime is known to display intrusive and potentially harmful ads that can expose users to malware, viruses, and other security threats. These ads may also be designed to collect users' personal information, which could be used for nefarious purposes such as identity theft or fraud.

Is KissAnime still available? ›

The actual KissAnime doesn't work anymore but there are some websites coming out with similar domain names, with exactly the same interface and rich features. While using these KissAnime mirror websites, many people still worry about the risks to device safety and privacy.

Which is the real 9Anime? ›

The best way to identify the real 9Anime website is to go to the official Twitter page of 9Anime. As the 9Anime official Twitter claims, the official 9Anime website is 9anime.to. Sometimes, the 9Anime Official updates relevant information on its twitter page to alert users for being careful about fake websites.

Is animetwist net safe? ›

The answer to this question is a big yes. Aniwatch is very safe and to be honest the UI experience is pretty good as well. The best part is there are no adds. To add upon that they even have a discord server which you can join, there you'll get updates about AniWatch.

What is the safest free anime website? ›

14 Best Free Anime Websites
  • Funimation – Best Free Anime Website Overall.
  • Hulu – Best Free Anime Website for Premium Quality Content.
  • Amazon Anime – Best Free Anime Website for Amazon Users.
  • Crunchyroll – Best Free Anime Website for Rapid Episode Release.
  • 9anime.to – Best Free Anime Website for Old and New Content.
Sep 26, 2022

Is Zoro to a safe site? ›

Similarly, Zoro. to is not any legal website to watch anime online. Yes, however, there is no harm to watch it. But many websites have an ad-pops problem. You should consider it as this isn't a secure sign.

Is KissAnime legal in USA? ›

As a fan, if you go to a website like Kissanime, and stream it, the act of “streaming” isn't illegal on your behalf (I doubt many countries are too different with this). But it's illegal for the website to “host” it for FREE. Because it's the equivalent of stealing someone's music and profiting off it.

What anime website got shut down? ›

Its main site, KissAnime.ru, was shut down on August 14, 2020. One commentator noted that "fans are furious" as "in many countries they really have nowhere to go" for the kind of content that was hosted on the site.

Why did KissAnime shut down? ›

Why is KissAnime banned in Japan? Kissanime was a pirated anime website. It was illegal. It also regulates "leech websites" that provide users with hyperlinks to download torrent files of pirated materials.

Is there a 9 anime app? ›

9ANIME is the easiest app to stay in touch with your favorite anime and keep track of what you've seen and get notifications on every episode release, 9ANIME is safe, fast and free.

Is 9Anime a hacker website? ›

Malicious behavior

This service is abused to spread scams, host phishing, PUPs, and malware.

Is animesuge and 9Anime the same? ›

9anime.to isn't animesuge. io's only competition in the Arts & Entertainment > Animation and Comics industry. See how animesuge.io stacks up against its other top competitors.

Is 9 anime safe? ›

The short answer is yes, your computer will be safe. 9anime will not download any viruses to your computer that many other streaming platforms are known to do. However, fans must be careful when they click on 9anime because — as with many sites — they'll be bombarded with ads.

Is anime TV app legal? ›

If it's an 'official' website, then there probably won't be any bad ads or anything like that. If it's a paid website, then it's legal. If it's more like kissanime, then it's illegal.


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