15 Anime To Watch If You Loved Akame Ga Kill! (2023)

Akame Ga Kill! was a huge hit after its release and is still topping many popularity lists. Fans are still missing the anime that was full of action, striking twists, and powerful characters. There were many great plot points that captivated viewers and after it was clear there wouldn’t be more episodes created, everyone was devastated.

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Fortunately, there are a few series that can fill the void because they are just as entertaining and imaginative. While Akame Ga Kill! was a fairly unique anime, there are a few shows which are just as fun.

Update June 18th, 2021 by Louis Kemner: Akame Ga Kill! is popular for being a dark and merciless shonen fantasy series, one where no one is safe from the spectre of death. Such an exciting but grim shonen story is in good company, and there are plenty of other shonen and seinen titles that are also notorious for holding nothing back.


15 Tokyo Ghoul Is A Horror/Action Saga For The Ages

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This anime was set in a dark alternative Tokyo, where ghouls lived among people. Those creatures fed on people to survive, some found tremendous joy in killing, while others simply sustained. They had to be careful because even if they were much more powerful than humans, investigators of the Commission of Counter Ghoul posed a real threat.

Tokyo Ghoul is a very intense series with plenty of action and twists. Although it is a bit darker than Akame Ga Kill!, most fans agreed it is a good show to ease their craving.

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The Elric Brothers tried to bring their mother back and their failure cost plenty. To fix their mistakes, Edward and Alphonse Erlic had to set out on an epic journey. As they were searching for the Philosopher's Stone, they encountered countless interesting characters and powerful enemies.

Akame Ga Kill!fans love this series as well because its world-building is fascinating, while all the characters have their quirks and intriguing personalities. Fullmetal Alchemist also has a great sense of humor, which often served as a release after some darker moments.

13 Sword Art Online Takes No Prisoners

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Sword Onlinewas another anime that followed heroes fighting against the system. The setting is completely different as in this series the protagonists were trapped in virtual reality, but the general idea was still the same.

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Fans follow Kirito’s unbelievable journey and Asuna’s remarkable transformation. After the two met, they fell in love and both of them find a new motivation for surviving and defeating the last boss along, with the game’s creator.

12 Guilty Crown Is A Thrilling Adventure

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In a not so distantfuture, ten years after a terrible virus decimated Japan and new powers took over to restore order, GHQ stood up to take care of everything but in a terribly oppressive way. To free people from the terror, Funeral Parlor, a guerilla organization was formed.

Their fight against the regime was full of obstacles as nothing came easy. Fans loved this series for the complex world, the many remarkable characters, and for its great romance story. Guilty Crown was among the most popular anime for many years.

11 Re:Zero Is Famous For Its Gory Action & Horror

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Subaru Natsuki’s life turned upside down in a moment. Walking home from shopping, he was teleported into a completely unknown fantasy world. His time there didn’t start very well; Subaru was attacked right away. Luckily for him, Satella came to the rescue.

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It turned out Satella wasn’t who she said she was, but rather, someone much more important in that world. While it is a completely different series than Akame Ga Kill!, most fans loved Re:Zero as it’s full of exciting mysteries, too.

10 Blue Exorcist Is Devilishly Good Fun

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Humanity’s future was at stake as Satan, the King of Gehenna, wanted to take over Assiah. The only way demons could cross the border between the two worlds was to possess humans. There wasn’t any suitable vessel for Satan so he sent his son.

As the boy was growing up, he had no idea how important he was. When Rin Okumura realized he may be the key to destroying the world, he decided to become an exorcist and fight against evil.

9 Code Geass Showcases The Rise Of A Rebel

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Akame Ga Kill!fans who loved the idea of fighting against an unjust system will love Code Geass as well. It is set in a world, where the Holy Empire of Britannia conquered Japan and named it Area 11. Locals didn’t take the new situation easy and a brave group of freedom fighters stepped up against the Empire.

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Lelouch Lamperouge gained a special ability and used it against the Britannian forces to end their tyranny. Watching him rise to power like that is nothing short of astonishing, and a little terrifying.

8 Kill La Kill Is Nonstop Action

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Kill La Kill is quite different from Akame Ga Kill!, but the two have a few similarities (including their like-sounding titles). Both of them are full of mysteries and they are exciting throughout and both shows had epic fights.

Ryuuko Matoi enrolled at the Honnouji Academy following a clue that could lead to her father’s killer. This school was one of a kind as it was ruled by the student council president Satsuki Kiryuuin and her loyal followers, the Elite Four. While Ryuuko investigated, she also got caught up in the school’s power play.

7 Future Diary, With An Infamous Yandere At The Fore

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Yukiteru Amano was a lonely high school student, who spent most of his time writing his diary. Viewers thought he had imaginary friends, but it turned out Deus Ex Machina and Murmur existed for real.

The god of space and time and its servant offered Yukiteru a strange opportunity. They gave him a diary along with 11 other children, to win they had to find and kill the others. The winner got to take over from Deus Ex Machina as a god.

6 The Seven Deadly Sins, A Falsely Cheery High Fantasy Series

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While The Seven Deadly Sins takes place in the middle ages, this anime has a lot in common with Akame Ga Kill!. The Holy Knights of Britannia protected the region from all sorts of attacks and one day they decided to take over all its kingdoms. The Holy Knights were controlling people with cruelty and fear.

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Elizabeth, the third princess of the Kingdom of Liones set out to find the long lost knights called Seven Deadly Sins, who could help her restore peace and protect her people.

5 The Rising Of The Shield Hero Is A Gritty Isekai Tale

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Many isekai titles have a "sandbox" approach to their stories, being light-hearted stories where the powerful hero can explore their new realm at leisure. Not so in The Rising of the Shield Hero. The protagonist, Naofumi Iwatani, is a bitter but tough underdog who has the odds stacked against him from the very start.

Naofumi doesn't even have the support of the people who summoned him to the Melromarc kingdom. Instead, he must rely on his own wits, courage and magical shields to save the day against waves of deadly monsters and spirits.

4 Berserk Is A Seinen Landmark, Starring Guts The Mercenary

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This famed series, written and drawn by the late Kentaro Miura, stands tall as one of the crowning achievements of the manga world. It has two anime adaptations, one from 1997 and one in 2016-17, and newcomers will quickly see just how this series got its reputation.

Despite its horrific monsters, wretched villains and ultra-dark themes, the story still has a kernel of hope and courage in the face of such nightmares, and the action scenes with Guts have to be seen to be believed. Dark fantasy is at its height here.

3 The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Shows The Ruthless Demon King Returning To Power

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This animated series is rather short, at only 12 episodes, but it makes the most of that tight time frame. In this story, the ancient demon king Anos Voldigoad has awoken after centuries to find a soft and lazy demon world, so he's determined to reclaim it from the bottom up. In fact, he's attending a school named after him.

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No one knows who Anos really is, and they don't respect him until he performs incredible shows of force to impress his demonic fellows. There's also a shadowy conspiracy afoot, one involving an imposter demon king and treacherous plots.

2 Demon Slayer Makes Fantasy Action Brutal But Somehow Kind

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This hit series is taking the anime world by storm with its heartfelt storytelling, top-tier animation by studio UFOtable and it stylish, turn of the 20th century Japanese setting. Tanjiro Kamado dives deep into the nightmarish world of demons and gore when his family is slaughtered, and there's no backing out now.

Tanjiro must call upon strength he never knew he had so he can defeat flesh-hungry demons and find a way to restore his demon sister Nezuko's humanity, all while the cruel Muzan Kubutsuji looms large. Hunting monsters has never been this intense.

1 Goblin Slayer Is Much More Hardcore Than Its Name Suggests

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Many works of fiction depict goblins as pranksters or cheap, low-level enemies for the heroes to mow down, but not this time. This short series depicts goblins as the ultimate bane of humanity, cruel and destructive little creatures that regularly burn, pillage and ransack human towns and farm communities.

So, it's up to the Goblin Slayer himself to face these pint-sized terrors, and slaughter them without mercy. It's not easy work, but the Goblin Slayer soon assembles a diverse adventuring party to get the job done, and everyone is counting on him. Let the goblin blood flow.

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