Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (2023)

Both thePersona series, and theShin Megami Tensei franchise that it branched out from, use real-world mythology in the game's complex lore inspired by real myths and legends from cultures all across the globe. Abrahamic mythology, comprising of mostly religious tales from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and a few other faiths, is used quite a lot as inspiration for personas in these series. In the holy texts of these religions, there is mention of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse: War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. These riders appear as fiends astride mighty mustangs and destriers in theirPersona 5 Royal incarnations.

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Black Rider, from the Tower Arcana, represents Famine and is one of the stronger mid to late-game personas with a wealth of tremendous skills. They can heavily damage all foes with Physical, Curse, or even Almighty-type skills, though their strongest ability is being able to instantly kill all adversaries afflicted by the fear status with a Ghastly Wail. Being so powerful, there is understandably quite a cost to fusing this persona, however, there are plenty of relatively accessible fusions available for Joker to take advantage of.

Updated on April 22, 2021, by Reyadh Rahaman: To get these powerful abilities at one's command, players will need to fuse some other mighty personas together to bring forth Black Rider and their awesome skillset. As a general notion, to figure out how to summon a persona, one should consider their lore and in-game traits. For Black Rider, this will usually lead gamers to other mythical figures connected to death, hunger, and the apocalypse. However, here are a bunch of the most interesting (and relatively affordable) options for convenience.

13 Yurlungur & Hariti - $107,875

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (1)

The fusions inPersona 5 don't always necessarily follow a mythological pattern. They mostly try to consider statistical relations, though there are plenty of fusions with some thematic consistency. One that doesn't do sovery clearly is the fusion between the rainbow serpent Yurlungur and the ogress turned goddess Hariti.

Yurlunger hails from Australian mythology and is a mighty being capable of reincarnation. They were said to live in a lake of rainbow-colored water. They specialize inzapping enemies with a plethora of great Electric skills, though can also deliver some moderate Almighty damage to all foes for reliable hits that aren't affected by type resistances. Hariti is a deity from Buddhist mythology that once ate children before Buddha convinced her to eat pomegranates instead. She then became a goddess and patron of parents in Buddhism, which is reflected in her mostly support-based and healing skills.

12 Ose & Hecatoncheires - $110,134

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (2)

Here there is a somewhat more lore-appropriate fusion between a demon and a giant. Ose is a being from the underworld written of in many demonology texts and is a master of shape-shifting magic. Not only can he change forms between a leopard and a man, but he can also turna humaninto whatever he desires. HisP5R form specializes in dealing heavy Physical damage to all foes.

The hugeother half of this fusion is agiant from Greek mythology who once helped Zeus fight the titans in an epic war for Olympus. They are said to have 100 hands with which they can strike foes with devastating power. They can do so in-game via a few multi-hit Physical attacks that can combo very nicely with the passive critical-boosting skills this massive being possesses.

11 Ananta & Kushinada - $115,030

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (3)

Despite different origins, this fusion makes more sense than at first glance. Ananta, the many-headed primordial serpentfrom Hindu mythology that existed in the void before creation is prophecized to one day destroy the universe, not unlike howBlack Rider and the other Four Horsemen herald the end times. Accordingly, Ananta can unleash heavy Nuclear-type damage to all adversaries that can wipe out the opposition thanks to the Nuke-boost they get from this destruction deity's passive skills and trait.

Very familiar with many-headed serpents of destruction is the goddess Kushinada from Japanese mythology. She was about to be sacrificed to the monstrous hydra-like monster known as Yamata no Orochi when she was saved by the storm god Susano-o who transformed her into a comb and hid her in his hair. HerPersona form is all about healing and buffing the party against damage.

10 Narcissus & Unicorn - $118,531

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (4)

Here is a combination of figures from folklore that have only a slight superficial relation to the Horseman they create. Narcissus is a beautiful man from Greek mythology who was cursed by the gods to fall in love with this own reflection. He became so obsessed with his image on the surface of a nearby pond that he drowned in an attempt to embrace it. Where he died, flowers grew and they were named after him. Narcissus inPersona 5attempts to afflict enemies with the dizzy status, which lowers their accuracy greatly until they are attacked.


Unicorn is a bit more lore-friendly for aBlack Rider fusion since it is very much equestrian. They are from many different mythologies around the world, appearing in European, Middle-eastern, and Asian folklore and proliferate the fantasy genre in various mediums. These kind and gentle creatures focus on Bless-type skills and healing Joker's party.

9 Mishaguji & Neko Shogan - $111,934

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (5)

Here there is a combination of two ancient gods from eastern religions to form the fierce Black Rider. Mishaguji is a deity who sometimes takes the form of a bizarre, pale worm. They were worshiped by people of ancient Japan as a fertility god. They have a mix of skills making them a generalist persona for Psychic and Physical damage along with some status ailment-inducing ones.

Neko Shogun is a general in the form of a cat from Chinese mythology. They are a deity of war and have temples all over China. They concentrate on buffing and healing the party.

8 Dakini & Thunderbird - $113,590

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (6)

This is a combination of two potentially destructive forces that forge a Horseman. Dakini, noted in Buddhist, Hindu, and Tibetan mythology, is a female being with vastly varying lore. In some tales, she is a paragon of feminine virtues and strength, while in others she is a destructive servant of the goddess Kali. She specializes in Physically damaging skills that hit enemies multiple times and can stack for huge damage with her Charge skill, which multiplies the damage by the following Physical attack by 2.5.

As one of the few beings from Native American mythology, Thunderbird stands out for both its dynamically cool design and powerful combat potential. As expected, they are spectacular at unleashing devastating Electric attacks and have passive skills and a trait that further increases their potency.

7 Barong & Zouchouten - $113,707

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (7)

Two mighty deities from eastern mythologies fuse here tomakeone of the Four Horsemen. Barong is a god who protects mankind and embodies the forces of good in Balinese mythology. His eternal enemy is the evil witch Rangda, who also appears inPersona 5 Royal. Strangely, Barong has no Bless or Almighty skills, contrary to his trait that reduces the cost of all Bless skills. Instead, he has some heavily damaging Electric attacks.

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The deific other half of this combination, Zouchouten, is one of Buddhism's Four Heavenly Kings and guards Buddha's realms in the south. He primarily buffs the party while also decreasing negative effects inflicted by foes or altogether avoiding them.

6 Parvati & Tam Lin - $119,107

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (8)

With this match, a goddess and a knight merge to give rise to Black Rider. Parvati, the wife of the god Shiva, is the goddess of love and beauty in Hindu mythology. She is capable of powerful transformations, like turning into the mighty Durga, a more warrior-like version of herself, and even being able to merge with Shiva to form the dual-gender god Ardha. Parvati features mostly healing and support skills in addition to some decent Psychic attacks.

Merging with Parvati is the knight from a fairy court, Tam Lin. He is a figure known in English mythology to be a wild and wily warrior who serves the legendary Seelie Court and the fairy royalty who reside there. Appropriately for a knight, he prioritizes Physical skills and can manipulate the chances of critical hits occurring.

5 Lilith & Setanta - $129,079

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (9)

While having nothing to do with famine or the apocalypse, these two figures from different mythologies can still be an affordable fusion pairing to summon Black Rider. Lilith in Abrahamic mythology was said to be the first wife of Adam, the first man who inhabited the Garden of Eden. However, she was cast out of the garden for eating one of the fruits of knowledge. Afterward, she became a demon who gave birth to succubi and other dangerous fiends, which is reflected in her skills that focus on unleashing heavily damaging Ice and Nuclear attacks.

Those familiar with Celtic mythology will recognize the name of Setanta as the given appellation for the renowned hero Cu Chulainn, who also makes an appearance inPersona 5 Royal. Appropriate for a warrior, they possess many medium (and one heavy) offensive Physical skills as well as a few buffs.

4 Garuda & Daisoujou - $132,094

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (10)

Two representations of death fuse to make the Black Rider, though they each herald demise differently. Garuda is a lesser deity from Hindu mythology that was colossal enough to block out the sun with its wingspan. They once battled the gods, but eventually succumbed to them and became the god Vishnu's mount. With their massive wings, they are said to be able to cause hurricanes by beating them. This is shown inP5R with their skills that pertain to unleashing ferocious Wind attacks.

The undead monk Daisoujou was a man so devout that he died while fasting. However, his faith allowed him to persist after death, becoming an icon in Buddhism for the kind of blessing true faith can bring in the form of immortality. With such mastery over death, it is understandable that Daisoujou has the most powerful instant death skill in the game. This monk in yellow possesses the coveted Samsara, which is a Bless-type skill with a high chance of simultaneously killing all foes.

3 Jatayu & Legion - $124,723

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (11)

A noble mythical creature and a demon merge to bring forth the incarnation of famine. Jatayu hails from Hindu mythology, and, in terms of lineage, is the nephew of the grand Garuda. Like their uncle, Jatayu has a notable role in religious folklore and was said to aid the gods and worthy kings of ancient times on some of their quests. Alsosimilar to Garuda, theirP5R form makes use of heavily damaging Wind attacks, though also comes with some skills that inflict the dizzy status.


Legion is a sinister demon that is most well known from its appearance in the Christan bible. Much their amalgamated form would indicate, they are a merging of multiple demons, though of what kind it is not mentioned. They once walked the human world after escaping from hell, though were confronted by Jesus Christ himself when Legion beganpossessing people. Jesus exorcised the beast and trapped them in a pigpen; a suitable home for such a filthy demon. Their in-game self has plenty of debuffs to throw at enemies as well as a couple of heavy Physical and Curse attacks.

2 Trumpeter & Clotho - $128,800

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (12)

Another great thematic fusion for Black Rider is combining the angel Trumpeter and the fate-weaving figure Clotho. Despite being of heavenly origin, Trumpeter is not an angel mentioned in the Christian bible that one would want to see or hear, for the sound of their instrument heralds the coming of plagues that lead to the apocalypse. In-game, they possess great passive skills and debuffs to set upon foes, though alsohave heavy Physical and Nuclear attacks.

The youngest of the Moirae sisters, Clotho, is the one who spins the threads of fate, which her older sisters measure and eventually cut in order to end a being's life, be they mortal or god. She has many skills pertaining to inflicting the forget status on enemies, though also has an instant death one and a passive that regenerates 3 SP every turn.

1 Norn & Anubis - $119,350

Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider (13)

With these two,Persona 5 Royal reveals the best lore and stat fusion forBlack Rider of the Four Horseman. Norn are the Norse goddesses who together rule over fate,decidingwho lives and dies, as well as how. Suitably, they can dictate the flow of battle much like they can time and destiny. They have many excellent support and healing skills that can completely change the outcome of a battle, such as Samarecarm, which can revive a single ally with full health.

Anubis is the Egyptian god ofmummification who, like Black Rider, carries a scale, though for very different reasons. The Horseman, a thinly veiled allegory for Famine, shows their scale as empty in order to represent the empty stomachs and markets that lead to starvation. Anubis holds his scale to weigh the hearts of the dead and judge them for their deeds in life. The jackal-headed deity appropriately has powerful Bless and Curse-type skills as well as a few instant death ones.

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Persona 5 Royal: 13 Recipes You Can Use To Fuse Black Rider? ›

Unlocking Advanced Fusions allows you to create a number of strong personas right off the bat, but Black Frost will not be available until after you've received an item called the Evil Snow Crystal that drops as a reward from the Mementos request "One Who Bullies Bullies." This mission cannot be acquired until the ...

How do you unlock black frost fusion in Persona 5 Royal? ›

Unlocking Advanced Fusions allows you to create a number of strong personas right off the bat, but Black Frost will not be available until after you've received an item called the Evil Snow Crystal that drops as a reward from the Mementos request "One Who Bullies Bullies." This mission cannot be acquired until the ...

How do you fuse the strongest Personas? ›

In short, you can sacrifice two or more of your Personas to fuse them into a (hopefully stronger) result. In most cases, the resulting Persona is only slightly stronger. For example, if you fuse Silky, a level 6 persona, with Arsene, a level 1 persona, the result is a level 7 Succubus.

How do you fuse every Persona? ›

You can fuse them all if you've maxed all your social links and done almost all of the Mementos requests. Some Personas are locked behind obtaining items to fuse them or behind confidant levels. DLC Personas are definitely not included. You don't have to spend money just to complete a vanilla game trophy.

How do you summon Jack Frost? ›

One can recruit him in a random encounter, although a more reliable way of finding an optimized Jack Frost is to fuse him by combining different personas. Thanks to the intricate crafting in Persona 5, Joker can even fuse more powerful personas by using Jack Frost as a component alongside another.

What allows you to fuse Black Frost? ›

This Persona can be fused through Advanced Fusion and requires the Evil Snow Crystal to unlock.

How do I get Black Frost? ›

Black Frost (ジャアクフロスト, Ja'aku Furosuto) is a Level 38 Persona of the Fool Arcana. It can be obtained from Pentagon Spread Fusion in the Velvet Room; using Jack Frost, Pyro Jack, King Frost, Pixie and Ghoul. Black Frost inherits "Dark" skills in the card fusions.


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