Top Strongest Characters in DanMachi, Ranked! (2023)

Dungeons, dragons, and magic! With 3 seasons in the making, DanMachi sets itself aside among several battle-oriented animes because of its unique title, storyline, and sets of characters!

The source material for this series are light novels. But with funny, serious, and battle-worthy characters, the anime is setting itself up to be one of the most adventuristic series of this year!

Speaking of battle-worthy characters, who do you think should be grouped as the strongest ones in the series? Today, let me present to you my top 10 in the DanMachi universe!


SPOILERS AHEAD!This page contains spoilers from DanMachi.


10. Asterius

9. Revis

8. Ais Wallenstein

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7. Ottar

6. Alfia

4. Empress

3. Zald

2. Albert Waldstein

1. One Eyed Black Dragon (OEBD)

About DanMachi

10. Asterius

Asterius is half-man half rhino, and he is thus called the “Black Rhinos Xenos”. He is an intimidating Minotaur given his 2-meter height. He also possesses red horns and muscular arms to beef up his appearance!

Top Strongest Characters in DanMachi, Ranked! (1)

Asterius is thirsty for battle! Rather than killing, his love for battle drives his fighting and strengthening abilities! He possesses high body resistance and uses an axed-shaped lighting magic sword as his base weapon.

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Even if he is a rhino or a Minotaur, Asterius howls so any opponents he deemed unworthy will be eliminated.

Aside from his sword and his full breastplate, he wields a double-bladed battle axe! He truly is fitting of the name “Asterius” which means lightning in Greek mythology!

9. Revis

Now, here’s a skilled weapon fighter who fears almost nothing! Revis is a redhead creature tamer currently serving Enyo.

Top Strongest Characters in DanMachi, Ranked! (2)

Though her cold personality is unmatched, she demeans herself by thinking she’s nothing more than a tool for her employer!

She may be loyal, but she doesn’t blindly follow every one of their orders. Her refusal to deal with the Loki Familia is proof of this!

Since she’s a “Creature” girl, Revis can tame a variety of monsters! Her source of strength is when she eats magic stones! Revis doesn’t only control beasts, but also Demi Spirits.

The danger in her powers lies in her restraint on the creatures. In other words, she loses control of them if her soothing voice doesn’t reach them!

8. Ais Wallenstein

An executive, a First-Class Adventurer, and a warrior who dresses fashionably even in breastplates! That’s Ais for you – the strongest adventurer in the Loki Familia! This gal wouldn’t let her guard down even in front of her crush – Bell!

Her signature powers include wind elemental enchant magic, otherwise known as “Ariel”. Not only do her they enable her to create fortresses of wind; they also serve as shields or armours! Revis even dubbed her wind powers as the “Great Spirit’s Wind”!

The second magical ability that Ais possess is the “Avenger” – an attack that enabled her to battle reptilian monsters! The reason why it’s called the “Avenger” is that its battle power increases whenever Ais hates more.

This special magical ability varies according to the hateful emotions that Ais feels. If she hates something or someone on surface level, she’s only causing explosions; but if it peaks, it’s going to cause something like an earthquake!

7. Ottar

Ottar (whose title is the “Knight of Knights”) is a Level 7 Captain of the Freya Familia who is a humanoid beast. You might think at first that he is beast first before man. But in truth, he is a creature that embodies “a human heart within a beast”.

Top Strongest Characters in DanMachi, Ranked! (4)

In other words, he didn’t always start out as a beast possessing superior physical strength, Vana Arganture abilities (increasing his powers tenfold), and Beastification (unleashing his violent persona and wild beast powers).

Freya extended her hands to him when he was just a dying child somewhere off the streets. She found Ottar in an alley and took him in because she finds him remarkably beautiful. Because of her kindness, Ottar is indebted to Freya forever.

6. Alfia

A quiet, but nevertheless, powerful mage. At first look, she is the ice queen. But in reality, she’s been battling an incurable disease since her birth! So, fans shouldn’t belittle her just because she looks calm most of the time from the outside.

Top Strongest Characters in DanMachi, Ranked! (5)
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Her signature powers include Concurrent Chanting and super short chant magic (otherwise known as “Satanas Verion”). Out of these two techniques, “Concurrent Chanting” is the harder between the two.

If she fails a chant, then she loses control of her magical powers. Meanwhile, the “Satanas Verion” of her chant magic is a dense mechanism using sound blasts and shockwaves.

Alfia was only 16-years old when she fought the One-Eyed Black Dragon (OEBD) with her allies: Maxim, The Empress, and so many others of the Zeus and Hera Familia.

She was defeated along with them. During the Dark Ages seven years ago, the Astraea Familia beat her and Alfia’s body was burned to ashes.

5. Maxim

Maxim is a Level 8 Captain of the Zeus Familia. Many thought that he died when fighting the OEBD, but this is simply untrue! He didn’t really die during the battle with the dragon.

Top Strongest Characters in DanMachi, Ranked! (6)

Rather, his defeat only dragged in another rumour: the “death” of the powerful The Empress (a Level 9 Captain of the Hera Familia).

However, Maxim’s defeat moulded the heroism of the next generation. You could say that his circumstances back then served as a stepping-stone for the youth of the DanMachi universe.

Maxim’s name was also barely mentioned in the series. For example, his name appeared for the first time in the Astrea Record Extra Story in the Japanese edition of the light novel.

The Astrea Record also hinted that Maxim survived the battle. He returned to Orario before his “death”.

4. Empress

The Empress may be the Hera Familia’s Captain, but the hard and fast rule about her is that she is a mystery goddess! As a Level 9 Captain, she is also dubbed as one of the adventurers of the Hera Familia.

The Empress also has facial features and personality traits that are eerily similar to the goddess Hera –beautiful yet arrogant!

For now, no one knows the Empress’ real name. Others speculate that her real identity is Evelda, but this is untrue! The Empress made her legendary mark in the series when she defeated the OEBD 15 years ago.

This event, of course, happened before the series even started. So, not many things can be said about her.

When she defeated the dragon 15 years ago with Maxim, she was rumoured to have “died” alongside him. This brings another question. Did the Empress overpower Maxim in defeating the dragon, or did was he leading the way?

In any case, her battle accomplishments with Maxim put them on a whole new level! The battle strategies she implemented to defeat the dragon must have taken her a brilliant mind and the mightiest of her strengths!

3. Zald

Zald is the monstrous-eating glutton in the show because of his Deus Ambrosia ability. What this really means is that Zald can consume flesh after flesh after flesh.

Top Strongest Characters in DanMachi, Ranked! (7)

In fact, after eating the Behemoth monster, Zald gained the confidence to win his fights no matter how difficult they are! He devours his enemies and searches for new battlefields to upgrade his strength and stamina.


But at the end of the day, Zald is a broken, exhausted, and disillusioned character whose goal is to destroy Orario. And in doing so, he abetted Erebus’ schemes.

One thing I’d like to emphasize on Zald’s personality throughout the series is his character regression. Once upon a time, Zald’s immense strength and flaming Rea Ambrosia magic covered his super-powered façade.

But when his Familia was defeated and his captain died, it seems as if he lost his purpose. He feels deflated and became unmotivated to pursue a stronger body.

2. Albert Waldstein

Albert is the second strongest character in the DanMachi universe. Although the fandom weeps for Albert’s death after he fought the OEBD, there’s no reason why he wouldn’t come back.

Top Strongest Characters in DanMachi, Ranked! (8)

First of all, there’s a possibility that the OEBD could revive Albert back to life. It could be blood, reincarnation, devious deals, or servitude. Whatever methods they will be, only time will confirm how gruesome Albert’s revival will be.

Albert’s battle proficiency in sword wielding is his primary strength. He’s described as a “Sword Champion”. His popularity in the fandom only surged because he used the “Power of a Contract” to help seal the dungeon over 1,000 years before the series even began!

1. One Eyed Black Dragon (OEBD)

The One-Eyed Black Dragon or the OEBD is the strongest character in DanMachi. Right now, no one can pinpoint the OEBD’s real identity. However, people know one fact: the OEBD is not just an omniscient unseen deity!

Contrary to what many people think, the OEBD is not the peak or the apex of a certain characters’ powers (ahem, ahem — “Monster Rex”). Certainly not!

Instead, the OEBD is an “irregular”. Its role in the DanMachi universe is to become the “final great calamity.” Don’t you think it sounds scary? Not only is it deemed an “irregular”; rather, the OEBD wishes to become the “big bad” of the world.

Call the OEBD a “true form” if you will. But what intrigues me are the rumours about its ancestry. The OEBD is ancient and is pure destruction by definition.

Its true identity ranges from Monster Rex to Odin to monstrous reincarnated Xenoses. Only time will tell whether the OEBD can achieve its dream to battle with Bell! 😁

About DanMachi

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? also known as DanMachi for short, is a Japanese light novel series written by Fujino Ōmori and illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda.

Top Strongest Characters in DanMachi, Ranked! (9)

The story follows the exploits of Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old solo adventurer under the Goddess Hestia. As the only member of the Hestia Familia, he works hard every day in the dungeon to make ends meet while seeking to improve himself.

He looks up to Ais Wallenstein, a famous and powerful swordswoman who once saved his life and fell in love with him.

He is unaware that several other girls, deities, and mortals alike, also develop affections towards him, most notably Hestia herself. He also gains allies and improves himself with each new challenge he faces.

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Who is the most powerful character in DanMachi? ›

1 Alber Waldstein

Albert Waldstein has been confirmed as the most powerful adventurer to debut in the Danmachi series. He was known for his exceptional sword skill earning the title of Sword Champion. Albert was so skilled with a sword, he easily surpassed many of the top members of the Zeus and Hera Familia.

What is the most powerful familia in DanMachi? ›

The Freya Familia (フレイヤ・ファミリア) was the strongest Familia in Orario led by Freya.

Who is the level 9 in DanMachi? ›

When the Zeus and Hera Familias were still active, they had at least a Level 7 each, Zald and Alfia, and a Level 8, Maxim, and a Level 9 adventurer respectively. It is known that in the past the Osiris Familia also had a Level 7.

What rank is Bell Cranel? ›

Bell has reached rank G, so almost nothing can affect him, even the strongest poisons in high doses.

Is Bell Cranel a god? ›

While there are certain similarities to the rabbit's character in myth, Bell is neither the reincarnation of the rabbit or a god. Mortals reincarnate only as mortals. Going off Danmemo Bell is the reincarnation of Argonaut.

Can Gods be killed DanMachi? ›

Deities can't interfere with the lower world while they're in Heaven, so you just can kill a God/Goddess but eternal suffering will be waiting for you at the end of your life in the lower world.

Who is the evil god in DanMachi? ›

Ishtar, also known as the Goddess of Love, is a goddess of beauty and a major antagonist in the light novel, manga and anime series Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? introduced as the main antagonist of Volume 7 of the light novel and season 2 of the anime.

Who will bell marry in DanMachi? ›

Who will bell marry in Danmachi? Winner: Ais Is The One For Bell! Sure, Hestia cares for Bell, but Bell doesn't feel the same way. But with Ais Wallenstein, their love is mutual.

Is Bell Cranel overpowered? ›

Bell is number one in the OP department even at his current level due to his growth skill. This skill is a cheat code of massive proportions especially when this person can reach SSS in his basic stats.

Will Bell reach level 10? ›

Despite being the once sole member of a guild under a powerful goddess, Bell Cranel is only a Level 4 up until now. While it is likely he'll reach Level 10 sometime near the end of the light novel, it'll take a while till we get to that point.

Does Bell lose an arm? ›

Since Bell lost his arm and was later rebuilt, he became weaker? Fandom.

Does Syr love bell? ›

She does have feelings for bell although they most likely won't ever be reciprocated unless the author goes down the harem route. Depending on her relationship with the Freya familia their relationship could be strained depending on what happens when Bell eventually faces the Freya familia.

Who is Bell Cranel wife? ›

Ais Wallenstein

Bell first met Ais when she saved him from a Minotaur. Because of that, Bell fell deeply in love with her and gained the skill, Liaris Freese.

Who is Bell Cranel first kiss? ›

Unfortunately, we all know that bell's first kiss will be with aiz.

Does Bell make it to level 5? ›

No, Bell wont level up during Season 4.

Who is Zeus's favorite child? ›

Zeus's Favourite Child Was Possibly Athena, Goddess of War

Perhaps partly because of the strange circumstances of her birth, Athena is often cited as Zeus's favourite child. He also greatly admired her strength of character and fighting spirit.

Is Zeus Bell's father? ›

Zeus (ゼウス) is the adoptive grandfather of Bell Cranel and the former head of the Zeus Familia.

Who is Bell's father? ›

Belle's father in Beauty and the Beast was named Maurice. He was portrayed by Kevin Kline.

Who is strongest god? ›

Indra also called Śakra, the supreme god, is the first of the 33, followed by Agni.

Is Syr really Freya? ›

Syr is one of Freya's aliases in Norse mythology.

Is Thor in DanMachi? ›

Gods that have been mentioned but have yet to make an appearance include Hera, Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Poseidon, Odin, Aphrodite, Sekhmet and Thor.

Who killed Artemis DanMachi? ›

Frontline General: Artemis takes the fight to the monsters directly rather than let her children hunt them for her. Unfortunately, it backfires horrifically when she's devoured by Antares, allowing the monster to slaughter her familia with the use of her Arcanum.

Why is Freya obsessed with Bell? ›

Freya has taken an interest in Bell, due to his transparent soul, ever since he passed through her gaze. She is obsessed with him and takes advantage of certain incidents in order to unleash his full potential.

What Goddess is Loki in DanMachi? ›

Loki is a Goddess with light red hair and red eyes. She is well-known to dress up in tomboyish or male attire, mainly jeans and a shirt that shows off her stomach. She tends to tie her hair back in a simple pony-tail, though on occasion she will put it up in a stylish bun.

Is Ryu in love with Bell? ›

Bell Cranel

Ryuu has been shown to have feelings for Bell ever since he grabbed her hands out of gratitude for finding the Hestia Knife. Despite her elf heritage, Alise advised her in the past to not let go of a man who is able to hold your hand.

Who is level 7 in Danmachi? ›

Ottar (オッタル) is the captain of the Freya Familia and is currently the only Level 7 in Orario.

Who ended up with Bell? ›

It's made pretty clear he's in love with Ais ever since he first laid eyes on her. The author has stated Ais x Bell is endgame so unless he changes his mind they'll end up together.

What level is Bell? ›

Overlevel Power: As a result of his SS and SSS stats, Bell has grown to become an extremely powerful adventurer whose might far surpasses his own level. As such, he is effectively equal to a Level 5 even as a Level 4, and can possibly put up a fight against a Level 6.

Does AIZ hate bell? ›

Ais has a friendly and positive relationship with Bell, frequently helping him and even accepting a request for a dance from him at Apollo's ball, even though it was her first time dancing.

Is bete level 6? ›

Bete becomes beast-like, with the skill raising all his abilities by a large amount, and all abnormalities are negated. It allowed Bete to easily defeat Phryne despite her having been level boosted to Level 6 by Haruhime.

What level is Bell Cranel in Volume 17? ›

Hermes said he of course knew of Bell, and mentioned that Bell was the Freya Familia member who became level 4 in half of a year.

What level is bell end of s3? ›

Don't have an account? Bell leveled up to Level 4 after the fight with Asterius, facing that lvl 7 opponent is what pushed Bell to level up.

Does Bell get stronger than AIS? ›

If it is group warfare, then bell arguably benefits a group as much as ais did. basically argonaut and ariel provides a similar amount of value. If it is one on one, then ais easily wins as ariel is instant power while argonaut takes time to charge.

Does Bell Cranel lose his knife? ›

The Dagger (短刀) was the weapon Bell originally used. It was issued by the Guild when he first became an adventurer. In the anime, the dagger was destroyed during his battle with the Silverback, whilst in the light novel, it was only damaged and was retired after Bell gained Ushiwakamaru.

What is Bell Cranel's new power? ›

Argo Vesta: Argo Vesta is Bell's new technique using Argonaut's dual charge that's named after Hestia. He first casts Firebolt on the Hestia Knife, then uses Argonaut on both of them to charge them at once, surrounding them with particles of light.

Does Bell become a god in DanMachi? ›

Does Bell become a god in Danmachi? While there are certain similarities to the rabbit's character in myth, Bell is neither the reincarnation of the rabbit or a god. Mortals reincarnate only as mortals. Going off Danmemo Bell is the reincarnation of Argonaut.

Is Liliruca in love with Bell? ›

It wasn't until Bell saved her after being left to die by Canoe Belway that she finally realized that Bell was very different from the other adventurers she had dealt with over the years, and fell in love with him soon after.

What does Freya whisper to Bell? ›

Freya: To help you grow brighter. Wait til you are ready. And Bell (stands for up from her chair in her nightgown and takes it off). You are ready.

Does Freya know Bell is Zeus grandson? ›

Freya doesn't know. Hermes is the only that knows that Bell is Zeus' adoptive grandson. The only other god that knows that Bell has any connection with Zeus.

Is Bell Cranel a human? ›

One thing for sure, after 15 novels so far, i believe that the author have not, not even once, implied that Bell is a half human. Unlike Ais, which the author implies from an early volume that she is related to aria and has spirit blood, or like welf who gains spirit blood from his ancestor.

How old is Bell Cranel currently? ›

The story follows the exploits of Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old solo adventurer under the goddess Hestia. As the only member of the Hestia Familia, he works hard every day in the dungeon to make ends meet while seeking to improve himself.

How old is Bell Cranel? ›

The story follows the adventures of Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old rookie adventurer and sole member of the Hestia Familia.

Is Hestia Bell's girlfriend? ›

Bell is Hestia's first Familia member and love interest. Hestia appears to have been in love with Bell since he first joined her Familia, as no one wanted to join her and the two were alone in the world. Hestia tends to get jealous very easily whenever Bell thinks about or interacts with other girls.

How old is Bell in Danmachi 3? ›

The story follows the exploits of Bell Cranel, a 14-year-old solo adventurer under the goddess Hestia.

Does AIS fall in love with Bell? ›

While it has been stated that Bell is in love with Ais, it has never been stated that Ais is also in love with Bell. It is only implied here and there that she has romantic feelings for him, she just doesn't really understand them because of her mental trauma.

Can Bell beat Ottarl? ›

Asterius is a level 7 and Bell lost to him and Ottar is stronger than him. Bell out of all adventurers will surpass Ottar this is a fact his growth skill is too strong.

What level is Aiz Wallenstein? ›

Ais Wallenstein (アイズ・ヴァレンシュタイン, Aizu Varenshutain) is a beautiful and powerful swordswoman of the Loki Familia. Aliased the Sword Princess (剣姫, Kenki), she is a level 5 adventurer who has killed over a thousand monsters and has turned down just as many suitors.

What level is Asterius? ›

The Asterius we know was estimated to be level 7, but after training, I think he will be at least as strong as a level 8.

Does Bell Cranel become the strongest? ›

Most definitely. Bell's growth in this series is astounding, no single entity in Danmachi can hope to match his rate of growth. In time, he will most definitely rise above the others to become the most powerful adventurer among his peers.

Who is the real villain in DanMachi? ›

Ishtar, also known as the Goddess of Love, is a goddess of beauty and a major antagonist in the light novel, manga and anime series Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? introduced as the main antagonist of Volume 7 of the light novel and season 2 of the anime.

Who is the strongest Xenos in DanMachi? ›

Xenos ( 異端児 ゼノス ): As a Xenos, Asterius is far more intelligent and powerful than a normal monster. He is mentioned by Lyd to be the strongest Xenos and is strong enough to easily defeat high level opponents like Shakti.

Does Bell lose his arm? ›

Since Bell lost his arm and was later rebuilt, he became weaker? Fandom.

Who will bell marry in Danmachi? ›

Who will bell marry in Danmachi? Winner: Ais Is The One For Bell! Sure, Hestia cares for Bell, but Bell doesn't feel the same way. But with Ais Wallenstein, their love is mutual.

Who is the other level 7 in DanMachi? ›

Ottar (オッタル) is the captain of the Freya Familia and is currently the only Level 7 in Orario.


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